Monday, August 13, 2007


Dear all,
It's a question always exists in our society, is freedom of expression good for society?Here is some hints from legends....

Latest Qoute from living legend Amitabh Bachchan:
You are trying to tell me that constitutionally, my freedom of expression needs to be curbed. You can’t do that me. I am an individual and I have my rights to express myself. Yes, if I do something, which is illegal, or against the rules, laws of the country, please hang me. But I must have my freedom of expression.....with Mr Bhupendra Chaubey for cnn-ibn.

World renowned writer Taslima Nasrin:
You know there are many people who believe in religion. I do not hate those people. I consider them as human being. But they believe in religion – that religion itself is against women. It’s not only the fundamentalists. Religion actually was created by men for their own interest. Yes some people can believe in religion I don’t object it but the thing is that we should not practice religion because it’s against humanity, against humanism, against human rights, against women’s rights, against freedom of expression…....with Mr Karan Thapper for cnn-ibn.

Word famous Artist/Painter (after attack on his show)M F Hussain :
“Sometimes, if children in the house break things, it doesn't mean they should be thrown out of the house. If you hold on to little things, you will never be able to grow." "We have built a composite culture, unique all over the world, people of the West are waking up to it now.".....with Akanksha Banerji for cnn-ibn.

PadmaSri Rajdeep Sardesai at his own blog:
The implication was obvious: you've not done the story because you think its a good story, you've done it because you have an agenda. Its a familiar refrain. You report honestly on the Gujarat riots, and you're accused of being anti-Modi. You do a story critical of the UPA government, and you are in the lap of the sangh parivar. We live in such a polarised atmosphere, that it seems that we simply can't be allowed to do journalism without being accused of partisanship. Sure, journalists to a large extent have been participants in their own downfall.
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